8 Ways People Are Way Too Dumb To Be Online 


8 Ways People Are Way Too Dumb To Be Online

No one wishes to feel that they are less intelligent especially when it comes to portraying oneself online. In fact, sometimes we get so worried that we come off with some of these stupid ideas.I just came across a thread online where people shared the lamest and funniest status updates people posted. Read down the story to have a look at them. Images via Imgur

1. Well, the colors of gay, as he says in the post.

2. I guess it is equally hard to believe that this person knows how to plug in a keyboard.

3. Because he has no other camera but this.

4. And oh well, it’s legit. Your wife has hot dog hands.

5. That one night she used a corkscrew. So classy!

6. Don’t you try and lecture someone on Tumblr. They know grammar, okay!

7. You could have at least checked if you aren’t signed in.

8. Showing off that flag draped so well on your body. Splendid!