After 70 Hours Of Drawing Dots, The Camera Pulls Back And Reveals Something Amazing


#1 Hairless Cat

Kocevas creates wonderful element on this hairless cat, the use of handiest tiny dots from a ballpoint pen.

#2 Robert DeNiro

She actually captures the essence of probably essentially the most well-known actors in Hollywood. Photos like this will take as much as 70 hours to finish.

#3 Wild Horses

Which you can in point of fact really feel the facility of this horse.

#4 David Bowie

Long gone, however by no means forgotten, this portrait appears to be like to be drawn through a pencil, now not simply dots.

#5 Human Form

Take into consideration the intricacies enthusiastic about the usage of little dots to create this picture.

#6 Anthony Hopkins

Kocevas acquired each element down on this drawing of Anthony Hopkins, even right all the way down to the hairs on his head.

#7 Veep

This drawing of Julie Louis-Dreyfus in Veep could not be carried out higher with a pen or pencil. You possibly can by no means imaging what number of dots have been used to create this image.