Celebrities Who Reacted To The Paparazzi In The Most Ingenious Ways


#1 Bullwinkle


Ryan Gosling is aware of simply the best way to mock the paparazzi.

#2 Gun Show Host


Harrison Ford takes them to the gun express.

#3 Mark Hamill


The Power is all the time with Mark Hamill.

#4 Uma Thurman


Giving the paparazzi a humorous face.

#5 Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield


Take that paparazzi!

#6 Jim Carey & Jenny McCarthy


At all times the prankster, Jim Carey wears a lady’s swimsuit.

#7 Benedict Cumberbatch


Fast pondering Cumberbatch with a handy guide a rough and nice cover.

#8 Gerard Butler


Turning the tables on the paparazzi.

#9 Dustin Hoffman


Dustin is hiding out from these pesty paps.

#10 Simon Cowell


If you need a just right pic, you may have acquired it guys.

#11 Shia LeBeouf


If in case you have a bag and the paps are following you.

#12 Bruce Willis


Lashing out with a smile.

#13 Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz


Individuals may just as neatly makes use of these actors’faces as advert area.

#14 Leonardo DiCaprio


it is more straightforward to cover from the paparazzi in iciness.

#15 Adam Levine


Taking a chance to position out a excellent message.