Foods to boost your metabolism in 2017 (11 Photos)


According to many studies eating hot peppers can speed up your metabolism by up to 25%. This is due to capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers, jalapenos, cayenne peppers, and other forms of spicy peppers. When you eat these spicy foods the capsaicin increases blood circulation and metabolic rate, making your body burn fat faster.

Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the production of a hormone called leptin (a natural chemical that slows down your metabolism). These are found commonly in oily fish but but they are also present in nuts and seeds, flax, and hemp seed oil.

Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are great at regulating the level of insulin in the body and also help to burn fat and keep your metabolism high.

People can burn up to 1,000 more calories a day by including more spices like black pepper, mustard seeds, garlic powder, and ginger because they can keep your metabolic rates high.

Broccoli really is the king of healthy eating, it’s an important source of calcium, which speeds up your metabolism. It is also rich in vitamins C, K, and A. Including broccoli in your diet will provide you with folate and dietary fiber and a variety of antioxidants.

Not only are apples and pears a great low calorie snack but they can also boost your metabolism. A study by the State University of Rio de Janeiro, showed that women who ate three apples or small pears a day lost more weight than those who did not.

With grains and cereals the secret is to choose whole grains. Whole grains have nutrients and complex carbohydrates that accelerate your metabolism by stabilizing insulin levels. An imbalance of insulin can tell the body that it needs to store extra fat.

This is less about metabolism and more a way to trick your tummy: People who have soup before a main meal consume less food. In fact, a study at Penn State determined that the combination of liquids and solids in soup generates a reduction in appetite, so you eat less calories in total.

Remember we mean real black coffee with no sugar, not a green tea flavoured frap! It’s pretty well known that coffee and green tea speed up metabolism, as well as providing other health benefits including antioxidants, helping lower blood sugar level, and reduce the signs of cellulite.

Calcium seems to be a key ingredient in speeding up your metabolic rate. A study at the University of Tennessee confirmed that people who consume between 1,200 and 1,300 milligrams of calcium a day lose twice as much weight as those who consume it in smaller amounts.