Former Child Stars Who Lost their Innocence At An Early Age


Former Child Stars Who Lost their Innocence At An Early Age

She went from Nickelodeon to singing in a matter of years, blowing up in a major way in the process. Part of her singing persona meant shedding her innocent image, as you can see.

The younger sister of Britney, Jamie Lynn was forced to grow out of the child star image when she got pregnant at the ripe age of 16.

The Jonas Brothers were locked in an image of promise rings and purity, which was essential to their act. However, when Joe went solo he made it clear that he was no longer a little boy, embracing the grown heart throb persona.

Perhaps the most high-profile of these child stars, Bieber’s arrests, on-camera urination in a bucket, quarrels with famous neighbors, tattoos, and trysts with countless women made it clear he was no longer the “One Time” child star that gained him fame.

You know the story of Miley Cyrus: child star gone totally off the rails. If the haircut and skimpy outfits didn’t make it official, the drugs and Robin Thicke grindery surely did.

The iCarly actress developed curves more quickly than most child actress, and leaked nude photographs meant that she was no longer Disney channel material in terms of innocence.

Remember when Britney Spears had to pretend she was a virgin as part of her tweenage image? Yeah, we barely do either.

His public battle with alcoholism made it clear that the Harry Potter actor had much more on his plate than any young man should, thanks to the exposure he received playing the titular wizard.