Why It’s A Really Bad Idea To Mess With T.I.


One thing’s for sure: you should never mess with T.I. or his family. He showed that he does not play around when Azealia Banks insulted his wife, calling her every name under the sun. She even tried to sue, that’s how hard he hit her. So it comes as no surprise that his attitude is no different when it comes to his daughter…

T.I. recently shared a video of him and his daughter, 16-year-old Deyjah, having a “daddy daughter date.” The video is super cute, with father and daughter eating dinner together and Deyjah shyly hiding from the camera.

It was a very harmless and fun video, or at least that’s what it started off as. T.I. tagged the video with “#IsntSheLovely #ThatsMyBaby.” it was reposted by a bunch of different people, and that’s when a total pervert made a disgusting comment…

That was the comment left by a perverted commenter, obviously not caring that Deyjah is underage… That’s pedophilia man! What the hell?

But T.I.’s response was epic: “you & your 623 followers’ll get wiped the f**k up plying wit me bout mines. Try me.” The exchange was reposted by tons of people, with one social media page adding the caption: #TI ain’t afraid to go back to jail for his kids #ClapBackSeason

Is he taking it too far? Or was he right in taking a stand against this perverted dude? A lot of fathers can probably relate to T.I’s actions. What do you think?