You Won’t Believe What This Man Discovered In His Childhood Photo!


#1 An Unexpected Discovery

Nick Wheeler was once going thru childhood pictures at his grandparents home together along with his fiancee Aimee Madden. Aimee is in truth the little lady within the heritage of Nick’s image!

#2 The Story

The image used to be taken close to Aimee’s home in Mousehole, Cornwall (UK.) Nick’s household lived over 300 miles away however took place to be traveling there. They would not meet for some other eleven years after the image, however went on to fall in love and get married!

#3 Fate?

Right here they’re on the comparable seaside from the unique photograph.

#4 Not The First Time.

A an identical story came about in 2010, when a married couple realized that they have been in the identical picture 15 years sooner than they met! That’s Donna Voutsinas posing with Smee within the foreground, and her husband Alex being pushed via his father within the stroller within the heritage.

#5 Reunited With Smee

When the story went viral, Disney stepped up and reunited the chuffed couple with the Peter Pan persona.